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Voice Reader Home 15 - Text-to-speech for private usersFor private use, the easy-to-use voice output Voice Reader Home 15 is available in 67 voices for 45 languages (among them are English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Chinese, Czech …).

Thanks to latest TTS technology, Voice Reader offers an outstanding voice quality with extremely natural-sounding voices which can hardly be told from a human voice.

There are 67 voices in 45 languages available.

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Why listen? 7 interesting advantages

  1. Understand texts better
    A study of the University of Regensburg has shown that absorption of information is 29% higher when listening than when reading; and reading and listening at the same time leads to a 44% increase in efficiency
  2. Better use of time
    In leisure time, when travelling, in the office or during sport you can now also „read“, without having to stare at a computer screen or paper.
  3. Detect errors faster
    Listen to your manuscripts for speeches, lectures or presentations to check their effectiveness! Ugly wording, incorrect word order, forgotten words… Errors that are easy to oversee are immediately noticed when listened to.
  4. Listen and relax
    Put together your own audiobooks and listen to great works of literature.
  5. Set yourself free from the screen
    Give your eyes a break or move freely in your office, while listening to PDFs, Word documents, Epubs, Emails or memos
  6. Learn more easily
    Convert your educational material to audio to listen to again and again. Mobile, where ever you want.
  7. In many languages and voices:
    With additional languages, you can also use Voice Reader Home 15 with foreign-language texts and sustainably improve your listening and pronunciation skills.


Convert text to speech- quickly, easily and conveniently!

Intuitive Editor

Voice Reader Home 15 - GUI

The clearly laid-out editor with reading bar offers you everything that you need for professional, voice output. You can change the speed, pitch or volume and also set the reading and export options you want.

Quick access through Voice Reader Home 15 Direct

Voice Reader Home 15 Direct

Voice Reader Home 15 Direct offers you fast access to voice output from any other program.


System requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10 (32- and 64-bit)
  • Available disk space: up to 1 GB for each voice
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Internet access for product acitvation


100 % mobile

Travelling business man using Text-to-Speech software Woman using text-to-speech software in leisure time Woman using text-to-speech software during sports Business man using Text-to-Speech software
when travelling in leisure time during sport in the office

You can convert any text document into an audio file in the blink of an eye and transfer it to your MP3 player, to listen to it in your leisure time – whenever, wherever and as often as you want.

Use the time you spend on the go every day: In the car, on the train or plane. Listen to key reports, learn a new specialist area, immerse yourself in your subjects, listen to your own audiobooks and all without tiring out your eyes.


Text-to-Speech technology

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